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At Solar Connection Construction, our retrofitting expertise can be called upon to enable you to benefit as much as possible from the space which you as of now have in your home in your basement, loft, and/or any other unused zones. Solar Connection Construction offers a wide range of seismic retrofit services including Soft Story Retrofit design, Seismic Retrofit Design, and Earthquake Retrofit design. Solar Connection Construction gives earthquake reinforcement services to Soft Story structures and Non-Ductile concrete commercial structures. We are at present running and finishing various Soft Story jobs, and our work is very much adulated by city investigators and proprietors alike.

We’ve finished numerous seismic retrofit activities to Soft Story Buildings. We offer “esteem seismic designing” and significant seismic retrofit experience. We know what it takes to make it appropriate from compulsory execution of crisis gas stop frameworks to adherence to strict fire and electrical security models, we can help retrofit any building with the gadgets and frameworks which you have to fulfill ever stricter neighborhood construction standards.


From seismic supporting of more seasoned properties in the city of Los Angeles to full establishment repair administrations, Solar Connection Construction has practical experience in helping actualize the basic repairs and quake-safe building arrangements which you have to depend on to include esteem and guarantee the long haul auxiliary feasibility of your property.

Obviously, retrofitting properties in isn’t generally attempted only in order to address certain construction law issues and auxiliary shortcomings. Rather, retrofitting can likewise be completed with a specific end goal to add esteem and additional decency to properties through dedicated basement conversions.

You should simply call or get in touch with us straightforwardly keeping in mind the end goal to begin talking about your particular retrofitting necessities in somewhat more detail.

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