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A solar electric system generates valuable electricity and provides a secure return on investment. Solar panels generate electricity from sunlight with little or no maintenance. A solar panel installation pays for itself in the first years of operation and then produces no-cost clean electricity for decades.

Solar Connection Construction installs photovoltaic (PV) solar electric systems on homes, nonprofit buildings, schools, government facilities, and businesses. Our team is experienced, efficient, and well trained. Financing options are also available to help you go solar sooner. The quicker you install solar panels and start making your own electricity, the faster you will see a return on your investment. We also offer wholesale pricing on solar panels in the United States. Our high volume sales means low prices for solar installation customers.


Are you looking for green energy that will cut your electric bills? Solar Connection Construction are the experts that can advise and consult with you on how to design, install and maintain solar energy systems. Whether you are looking for a low-maintenance residential, commercial, or industrial property solar energy system, Solar Connection Co can help you reduce your monthly electrical costs, as well as conserve natural resources.


Generating power with solar panels at your home or business can actually cost you less money than what you are currently spending now with standard electrical service. At Solar Connection Construction, Solar Panels are our expertise and the systems we deliver are on the cutting edge in terms of energy efficiency, power output, and the latest technology. With our professional team of certified installers and technicians, we are committed to working with you to design your new system to help you reach your goals for increased savings.


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