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Essential GAF Roofing System Components for Your Home

Replacing a roof is not just about new shingles, it’s about installing a complete roofing system that will protect your most valued asset for years to come. But before you install the roof components, you’ll need to remove all of the old roofing, evaluate the roof deck for damage and make any repairs. Then you’ll need to install a leak barrier, which is a self-adhering waterproof membrane that helps protect the most vulnerable areas of the roof.

SEER Rating HVAC, Furnace, Heat Pump, & Air Conditioner in Vancouver WA

The SEER rating is key to ensuring that your indoor & outdoor HVAC units are a matched and compatible pair. Also using the new Refrigerant will help you stay compliant and save money as Industry standards change.

Obama Talks Jobs and Home Energy Efficiency

Sounding a familiar clean-energy theme, President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced details of a proposed energy rebate program he hopes will spur demand for insulation and water heaters while creating jobs for hurting Americans. (March 2)

Leonardo DiCaprio, High-level Signature Ceremony for the Paris Agreement

United Nations – Statement by Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio, United Nations Messenger of Peace at the opening of the High-level Signature Ceremony for the Paris Agreement.

Tackling Climate Change:…

Global Temp. Anomalies: 1880 to 2012

NASA’s analysis of Earth’s surface temperature found that 2012 ranked as the ninth-warmest year since 1880. NASA scientists at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) compare the average global temperature each year to the average from 1951 to 1980. This 30-year period provides a baseline from which to measure the warming Earth has experienced due to increasing atmospheric levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases. While 2012 was the ninth-warmest year on record, all 10 of the warmest years in the GISS analysis have occurred since 1998,continuing a trend of temperatures well above the mid-20th century average. The record dates back to 1880 because that is when there were enough meteorological stations around the world to provide global temperature data.

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