Here are four mistakes many people make when installing solar panels. They are not in any order and it happens all the time.

Mistaking Daylight To Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight exposure is specific hours of time of the day that the sun produces a good amount of solar energy. This is where many confuse the energy exposure and energy produced. There is no difference between the summer and the winter sunlight exposure. Just because it is summer time, we are not getting more sun. If the day only has 12 hours, the energy is produced around the peak times (the time the home is exposed the most). The rest of the day there is generating energy coming in, just not that much.

Underestimating the power consumption in our homes. We might have lots of gadgets in the home that take up energy, but don’t really know how much energy is taken from each. Well there are different ways, you can actually use a device that calculates how much energy is produced. If you have house appliances with the Energy Guide label is on it, it will tell you exactly how much you are using. Play close attention to AC, Heaters, Blow Dryers, Microwaves, Stoves, Refrigerators and so forth, if you at least get an estimate of all of those accumulated, you will know how much you are using.


Unreasonable Expectations

Whether you want to go green or save money, you need to know the limitations you are getting into. It is very easy to go to Harbor Freight or Amazon and buy solar panel and install it yourself. Its affordable, around $150-$300 bucks. If your solar panel only produces 100kw and your fridge needs 600kw to power the fridge, it will not be enough. The fridge is always on and it needs constant power coming in 24/7. It is suggested to start small like a lamp light, and work your way up.

Bad Solar Installation

It needs to face south, if you live in the northern hemisphere. It needs to be the angle of latitude. The solar panel needs to keep itself cool, if it reaches a level where it is too hot, the solar panels will not produce the rated efficiencies. Not enough air will cause the solar panels to work poorly.

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