With Energy prices on the rise, this may be the perfect time to go solar.

Here are a three types of solar panels you need to consider that will affect the cost of installing solar panels.

There are 3 types of solar panels that are used the most.

As you expected, the most effective solar panels have the highest cost. The most effective and most expensive type of solar panel is Monocrystalline, which is constructed from one continuous sheet of silicone. Slightly less expensive, and less effective, is Polycrystalline. These solar panels consist of many individual PV cells held together by metal conductors. Amorphous solar panels are the least expensive of the three types but also the least efficient. They are made up of a thin layer of silicon placed on top of a metal or glass base.

There are many that hesitate to spend the money on the most expensive types of solar panel mounts, it is good to remember that you will save money on the other side with the decreased energy bills. You can talk to Solar Connection pros about the kinds of savings you are qualified for. It could be that what you spend up front will pay for itself very quickly in your reduced monthly bills.

Renewable energy concept

Incentives and Subsides

States and cities offer incentives and subsidies to upgrade your home to a solar panel home. Check out with your local city to see how much you qualify to lower down the costs. If you own a property in California and are considering in switching to solar you are in luck! Home owners and business owners in California have a load of incentives to choose to install solar power. For more exact costs of your solar panel installation please call us at (888)988–4693.