How Much Energy Does A Solar Panel Generate? With much cooler temps coming, one common myth about solar is you need warmer climates to produce solar energy. How Much Energy Does A Solar Panel Generate? As the summer comes to a close in Southern California, residents are preparing for cooler temperatures. What does this mean for installed solar panels? There is lots of talk about solar performance and how the temperature will determine how much solar energy your panels will receive. Will the cooler temp affect how much your solar panels will receive?

The overall temperature does not, I repeat does not affect the amount of energy solar panels receive. The only amount of energy depends on the one simple variable: how much sunlight is received from the sun. The temperature has little to do with the energy creation and the source.

Solar Connection solar panels are made differently from the rest, and the magic lies in the solar cells. Solar cells are backed up with solid copper, which is sturdy and resists corrosion from the elements where conventional solar cell designs cannot. The metallic connectors between the cells on Solar Connection arrays are much thicker, and therefore more resilient to daily wear and tear from thermal expansion as the temperature changes. Solar Connection guarantees their panels will still be producing 92% of year one projected power after 25 years, whereas conventional panels can only promise about 80.7%. For more information on how much energy you will produce with solar please watch this informational video.