Before You Choose A Roofer To Install Solar

Would you hire a gardener to build your home? Would you call an interior decorator for a pluming job? These questions sound ridiculous but it is not much different than hiring a roofer to put solar on your roof. Roofers want a piece of the solar pie, and they are using dirty, and hard sell tactics to land solar jobs with unsuspecting homeowners.

There is one particular line that roofers use to entice homeowners “ If you choose a solar company, your roof will leak”.

This is not only a false statement but it is also gross-over simplification of what work goes in a successful and safe solar installation. Solar panel installation is much more complicated than just repairing roofs. When you go solar, you are powering a plant on your roof, therefore, everything needs to be legit. The electrical work, wiring, and PG&E interconnection are the challenging aspects of an installation, not the roof attachments. Experienced technicians even find it challenging to install solar without damaging the roof. Installing solar requires extra steps in the process, you will want the solar company you hire for solar to pass the following:

  • Professional analysis to determine if you need financial ramifications and their investment stand point, comparing PG&E’s, and complex rate structures.
  • Design and Engineering that fits the home, and performs according to its building size.
  • Permitting and familiarity with the building department in your area.

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