For 14 days in March, Arizona utilities got a gift from California: free solar power! This year California generated an excess amount of solar electricity that they had to give it way for free.

Not only was it free, because there was so much solar power produced on those days, California paid Arizona to take the extra electricity that was going to overload their own power lines.

This was not the first time California had to give away free solar electricity to Arizona, in January there were eight days and nine days in February as well. This saved Arizona electricity customers millions of dollars this year only. California also gave away free solar energy to other states to take power.

The numbers could have been much greater if the state hadn’t ordered some solar plants to reduce production. This includes Natural gas power plants, which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, continued generating electricity.

If California is so big and can generate all that energy, why not use it?

The reason for that is that California has successfully increased renewable energy production in the recent years. California has dominated generating solar power over the years. No single entity is in charge of energy policy in California. This has led to a two-track approach that has created an ever-increasing glut of power and is proving costly for electricity users. Rates have risen faster here in California than the rest of the U.S. and Californians are paying 50% more of regular energy than the national average.

Possibly the most evident example: The California Legislature has directed that one-half of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2030; today it’s about one-fourth. That goal once was considered but not confirmed. Now, solar panels have become much more efficient and less expensive. So solar power is now often the same price or cheaper than most other types of electricity, and production has soared so much that the target now looks laughably easy to achieve.

Investing in solar will save you the money that you deserve.

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