Home Solar Panel Energy Powers Millions of Green Jobs

Energy is the life blood of our environment. Unstoppable streams of electrons power heat and light in our homes, power production of the goods we consume, power our phones and tables, and produce fuel for our vehicles. But it is not only powering us with energy, but also jobs that have employed many. According to the Renewable Energy and Jobs in 2016, the renewable energy sector employed close to 10 million people. Solar photovoltaic, the type used for rooftop solar panels — led the way by providing jobs to 3.1 million people. In the U.S., one in every 50 new jobs created in 2016 came from the solar industry. The number is projected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years.

This is great news for both solar industry and all people since the planet benefits from home solar panels. Harnessing power from the sun powers the entire home when the systems are installed on rooftop or structure, it allows us to kick our destructive carbon habit, and protect our environment and our wallets. Legislators in Massachusetts and California have introduced bills that seek 100 percent renewable energy by the years 2035 and 2045, respectively.

The Nevada Assembly has also passed a measure intended to protect the public’s right to solar energy and fair compensation for excessive solar energy generation that is sent back to the grid. The fossil fuel industry and its operatives seizing government posts will continue to try to dim the sunlight that benefits everyone to benefit a handful of fossil fuel executives.

However, the renewable energy market is expanding and has already achieved heights that the U.S. Energy Information Agency thought would only be possible 40 years from now. Home Solar energy panels powers millions of clean and sustainable jobs and millions more are projected to come online in the years to come.  For more information on home solar panels and to see options that fit best for you, email us at ask@solarconnectionca.com or call us at