The first day of summer started June 20, and it brings the season of barbecues with the family, long lazy afternoons and lots of sunshine. As the temperature rises the usage of air conditioners to stay cool start to rise. With so much comfort at home, the unfortunate result is high electric bills.

Avoiding this financial squeeze isn’t as easy as it sounds. As it is the U.S. residential electric rates are expected to be 2.4 % higher this year than last year. Depending on where you live is how much you will need to watch out for. With LED light bulbs and energy efficient appliances- you may still pay more for your utility bill.

So how can your budget be comfortable in for the summer? Solar Connect CA is the place to start saving money for this summer. As soon as your solar system is turned on, you start generating energy straight from the sun, which can lower your electricity bill tremendously. There are several other factors that can influence the savings, such as the shade, the system size, location, utility rates, local policies, weather and many more. As well goes with the more energy your solar system produces the less electricity you will be paying the utility company.

Going green with solar is the best way to achieve long-term savings. Depending on the size of your system, energy usage and local utility rates, a solar system can pay itself in 10 years. Enjoy free renewable electricity for the lifetime of your system which typically takes 25-40 years.

Don’t have cash now to buy a solar system? Not everyone has the cash to buy a solar system, although, there is solar financing alternative. Homeowners are able to able to put their electricity bill as a loan payment to lower electricity bill. With solar loans you are able to get the benefits of your savings after it is paid off. You are able to do a solar lease, which can generate savings, but doesn’t deliver as savings much in financial ownership.

When you see your neighbor saving with solar, doesn’t that make you want to go solar too? See what kind of plan you qualify to save on solar. Connect with Solar Connect via email at or submit the following form.