Power was out in the San Fernando Valley on Saturday night for over 12 hours before being fully restored back on Sunday morning. Over 140,000 customers of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power were left with out power due to a blast in the Northridge/Reseda station according to the DWP. The fire lasted several hours before they were even able to turn the energy back on. They still don’t know what the cause of the explosion was, according to LA Times, it had to do with a mechanical failure.

Aside from causing food to go to waste, dozens of people trapped in elevators, traffic lights not working, and to top it off no AC! Can you imagine how vulnerable residents in the San Fernando Valley felt being without power?

Installing Solar Panels with Solar Connection could have been prevented or at least help out in case of a black out. They can generate a small supply of electricity from their solar inverter even when the grid is out and other solar PV systems are down. The bottom line is, with new technology, grid-connected solar can deliver a limited amount of electricity to your home or business during a power outage. This is a new development.

The great part about the new inverters is the technical and safety issues, such as energy can be independent and entirely disconnected from the grid. This gives the inverter control to send out variable power levels. This way in case there is a black out you are not left in the dark. Install solar panels with Solar Connect to save you the stress of being without power for half the day. Call Solar Connection today to get you started on the right Solar Plan (888)988-4963 or email us at ask@solarconnectionca.com. Be prepared to avoid a power outage as much as you can in Southern California.

For video of the blast damage click here for video.